Swipe or choose a color and the screen will change color

Colors for Screens and Folding Screens

The Silentia Screen System has a wide variety of ways in which the screens can be combined and used. This breadth is also reflected in the wide range of colors and patterns. With the possibility of many different colors and patterns to choose from, a Silentia Screen creates harmony and is always flexible enough to blend into any environment.

In addition to the colors we offer, we also have a Print Collection and the newcomer Daylight. The Print Collection is a number of patterned screens designed to awake children’s imagination, whereas the Daylight is a frosted screen, which allows more daylight into a room. All versions are designed to complement the aluminum framing components.

To get a feeling of how your the choice of colors matters, click on the colors swatches above and the folding screen in the photo will change.