EasyClean – for optimal hygiene


The EasyClean concept represents a well-proven solution intended to help fighting cross-infection in hospital environments. Cross-infection is a serious problem in health care today. Approximately 10% of all patients leave hospitals with bacteria that they did not have upon arrival. Hence, hand hygiene is crucial, and keeping the patient’s close proximity clean is vital. Dust is a potential carrier of bacteria.

Thanks to our EasyClean concept, our products meet strict hygiene requirements. All our screen surfaces are easily accessible for cleaning. A Silentia screen has a hard and smooth surface, which is easy to clean off, and the surface can withstand the disinfectants used in care situations today. Other parts of the screen (such as the hinges, the strap and the trolley) are as easy to access and to clean. However, day-to-day cleaning may be limited to the handle, which is the only contact spot normally required for the EasyReturn concept.

The EasyClean concept also includes the high quality wheels. The encapsulated wheel/castor design prevents dust and hair to stick between hub and tires, and as a result of the EasyClick concept, wheels can easily be removed in order to be separately washed in a shower or a disinfector.

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