EasyReturn – for smooth folding


A Silentia screen is as easy to fold as to unfold. The EasyReturn concept represents the smooth folding of screens, enabled by the patented hinges with a Built in Memory. When folding a screen the sections follow the same path as when they became unfolded, hence folding can be made with one hand only.

Furthermore, the EasyReturn concept involves the ergonomically designed handle. With only one contact spot, the EasyReturn concept offers not only easy folding and unfolding, but also prevention of cross-infection. Read more about fighting cross-infection under EasyClean.

Folding a Silentia screen is a very silent maneuver, and can therefore be made without disturbing the patient. The hinges, as well as the top of the sections, have an ergonomic design, which also prevent people from being pinched while folding.

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