The Silentia mounting system for Screens & Folding Screens

Our Silentia Screens can be mounted in a variety of ways, making it flexible enough to fit into any healthcare environment. A Silentia screen can be mounted directly on the wall, with or without spacers, onto an already existing medical rail or as a freestanding screen on a trolley.

See below to learn more about our mounting system and to learn which accessories you will need. We are happy to assist with any questions you may have »

Wall Mounting and Accessories

With the Silentia Screen System, wall mounting is possible in two different ways – either directly on the wall or at a certain distance with a Spacer. One Wall Mount is normally supplied with your Silentia Screen. Additional Wall Mounts can be ordered separately.

When a distance between the wall and screen is necessary, in order to make room for hoses and cables, or when a support panel or a switch is in the way, a Spacer can be used. Spacers separate the screen from the wall at a distance of either 100 mm (3,9’’) or 200 mm (7,9’’). If longer distances are required, i.e. when a shelf or a deeper support panel is in the way, an Adjustable Spacer can be used.

As soon as the Wall Mount is in place, the screen is as easily connected or disconnected thanks to our EasyClick concept.



Wall Mounting

A. Wall Mounting
For convenient mounting direct on the wall. One wall mounting is normally supplied with the screen. Additional wall mountings can be ordered separately.

1,45 m (4”9”) Art no: 6539
1,65 m (5”5”) Art no: 6544
1,85 m (6”1″) Art no: 6540

B. Wall Mounting
with Floor Support
Wall mounting that provides support from the floor when fitted with a clamp.

1,45 m (4”9”) Art no: 6537
1,65 m (5”5”) Art no: 6545
1,85 m (6”1”) Art no: 6538

C. Wall Mounting
with Floor Support
and Top Extension
Wall mounting used with clamp where a wall rail crosses above the screen.

1,45 m (4”9”) Art no: 6541
1,65 m (5”5”) Art no: 6546
1,85 m (6”1”) Art no: 6542




Used to move a screen away from the wall. Supplied in pairs. 6507, 100 mm (4”) 6508, 200 mm (8”)


Adjustable Spacer

Used to move a screen well away from the wall. Supplied individually. 6509, 200–350 mm (8”–1’2”) 6510, 300–500 mm (1’–1’8”)


Distance Spacer

Used to move a screen away from the wall, to make space for a moulding, for example. Supplied in pairs. 6502, 20 mm (0.8”)


Choose the right mounting to suit door location

(A) The Folding Screen mounting is normally on the left side, which means that the screen is folded to the right of the wall mounting. (B) To prevent the screen from taking up too much space next to a doorway, for example, screens can also be ordered with the mounting on the opposite side.

Medical Rail Mounting and Accessories

In cases where medical rails are already installed in a room, the Silentia Screen System can offer a number of readymade installation solutions for rail mounting. To attach a mount to a medical rail, a Standard Clamp is normally used. For larger screens or in special situations, the Standard Clamp is recommended to be combined with either a Support Clamp or an Adjustable Clamp. In circumstances where a gap is required between the screen and the rail, there are also Clamps with Spacers available.


Standard Clamp

For attachment to medical rails. A flexible solution that enables the screen to be moved sideways along the rail. Distance between rail and screen: 40 mm (1.6″). Art no. 6502


Adjustable Clamp

Adjusts to suit various distances between upper and lower rails. Clamps can be adjusted between 0 and 150 mm (5.9″). Used together with Standard Clamp or Clamp with Spacer. Art no. 6516


Clamp with Spacer

A useful solution when a gap is required between screen and rail, i.e. in dialysis departments where panel access is necessary. Distance between rail and screen: 150 mm (5.9″). Art no. 6535


Support Clamp

Used along with Standard Clamp 6502 in cases where two rails are mounted on the wall. Art no. 6524


Back Support on Wall

Used as backward support when using a clamp mounted on a wall rail. Can be adjusted between 84 mm (3.3″) and 135 mm (5.3″).
Art no. 6519

Trolley Mounting and Accessories

Mounting the Silentia Screen on a trolley is an easy way to create a temporary, freestanding screen. The trolley can also be used for transporting Folding Screens. Our Mobile Screen Solutions make The Silentia Screen System very flexible.


Screen Trolley

Accessory to Folding Screens of various lengths: from 5 to 15 sections. The screen is easily attached with our EasyClick concept.

Note the longest screens (12-15 sections) are intended for use in an L-shape around the bed. Height: 4’9″, 5’5″ or 6’1″.

Art. no. 6514, height 1.45 m (4”9”)
Art. no. 6518, height 1.65 m (5”5”)
Art. no. 6520, height 1.85 m (6”1”)


The Silentia Trolley, a Real Space Saver

Our trolley design is stabile, aesthetic, easy to clean and best of all, it takes a minimal amount of space.

Pole For Floor Mounting and Accessories

Floor Poles are often used to support wall-mounted Fixed Screens. Floor mounted Folding Screens are also perfect for rooms where mounting on walls is not possible due to windows or when a ceiling pendant is used. This can help you create a passage way behind the bed head. In addition, Floor Poles can serve as a mounting point for additional fixed or folding screens. Read more about this in the text below. Our Screens are easily attached to a pole thanks to the EasyClick concept.

Pole attachment A    One point attachment

Picture below shows pole seen from above



Pole attachment B    Two point attachment

Picture below shows pole seen from above



Pole attachment C    Three point attachment

Picture below shows pole seen from above



Pole attachment D   Four point attachment

Picture below shows pole seen from above



Standard sizes


3.3 kg
Inch M


Screens stand secure with or without floor bolts

The Floor Pole can be secured to the floor with bolts. The Screen with Floor Pole can even stand on its own without bolts, if the conjoining screen is mounted on the wall.


Important Measures

Important measurements for screen installation and operation.

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Instructions For Use

Instructions for Installation, Operation, Cleaning & Maintenance.

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