ArtPanels™ – Unfold the magic of nature

Discover ArtPanels™. Let your eyes follow the hills and fields. Notice how the animals give life to the landscape. Cows quietly munching. The farmer ploughs the field. Relax while discovering the many details and focus a little away from the hospital equipment.

Nature provides tranquility in a complex world. Research shows that art with views of nature and animal life has a positive effect on hospital patients’ recovery. The bright colors of nature ArtPanels™ are designed to create a stress-reducing effect by letting them focus on something positive instead of their current circumstance.

Slow down and relax
Magnus Reisne“The green soothing colors should inspire people to relax and just be in the moment. To slow down, get well and let things take their time. People often feel calm and safe when looking at cows, surely because they are such restful and gentle animals. That’s why my pictures capture cows and nature. It was an exciting challenge to work with the tall, narrow format. I have chosen to place the horizon at the very top so the viewer’s eyes follow the lines in the landscape and upwards to the sky.”

Magnus Reisne • Swedish landscape artist. The artist behind ArtPanels™

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6 inspiring motifs in harmonious colors. The water-based oil paintings’  bright and transparent feel is underlined by our translucent Silentia Daylight Screen- where daylight flows through and brings life to the picture. The images are in combination with white panels only, highlighting the images like paintings in a gallery.



Find the height and number of panels that fits your Silentia Screen solution. ArtPanels are combined with white panels.

story_panels_3The table shows our standard sizes in 0.5 m length increments. Screens are also available in increments of 0.25 m if the total length is between 0.75 m and 3.75 m. The standard heights – 1.45 m, 1.65 m and 1.85 m – can be lowered by – 0.1 m by determining the height of the legs of the wheels. The height is decided when you order your Silentia Folding Screen. Note: The longest screens (12–15 sections) are intended for use in an L-shape around the bed.

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