Folding privacy screen/room divider for the hospital ward


Quick and easy to fold back

The One Touch Point Handle means:
• No need for hands to touch other surfaces when moving the screen

• Only one hand needs to be used which reduces cross-infection


Optimizes infection prevention

The Silentia Screen System meets strict hygiene requirements
• All surfaces are smooth and easy to reach
• All surfaces withstand disinfectants used in today’s care situations

Easy, reliable and flexible folding privacy screen/room divider

Our folding privacy screen/room divider is available in a wide spectrum of lengths, heights, combinations and colors. The screen is ordered with 25 cm (10″) panels, with length starting at 0.75 m (29,5″) and a maximum length at 3.75 m (12’4″). Standard heights are 1.45 m (4’9″), 1.65 m (5’5″) and 1.85 m (6’1″), but can be varied by minus 0.1 m (4″).

All our screens permit easy fitting thanks to our EasyClick concept. To allow a folding screen to be adjustable sideways, a clamp is used to mount the screen on a wall rail. However, whenever needed, a folding screen can be detached from the wall and mounted on a trolley to become a convenient mobile screen. In addition, folding screens can be combined with fixed screens, in order to get maximum flexibility from the Silentia Screen System.

A folding privacy screen/room divider is easy to handle. When folding, the hinges with a Built in Memory guide the screen back to its original folded position. Read more about our EasyReturn concept.

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Folding privacy screen/room divider for the hospital ward are available in 4 variants


Art. no.
1,25 m
8 kg
Folded width
0.25 m
Folded depth
0,1 m
Inch M