Mobile Double Privacy Screen

Our Mobile Double is a free-standing screen with two folding screens mounted back to back on a trolley. A smart and versatile solution for maximum flexibility and patient privacy. Takes up minimal space when not in use.

The Mobile Double Screen can be used separately at the end of the bed, in a L- or U-shape, to create a movable and flexible room in the room.

The Mobile Double Screen is available in different sizes, from 2 x 5 panels (2 x 1.25 m / 2 x 4’1”) to 2 x 15 panels (2 x 3.75 m / 2 x 12’3”). Max length 7.5 m (24’7”). 3 heights: 1.45 m (4’9”), 1.65 m (5’5”) and 1.85 m (6’1”).

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