Our product range of folding screens

Our product range consists of a patented system of easily handled screens designed for hospitals and other care situations. A Silentia screen preserves patient privacy without preventing staff from having a good overview and without keeping the daylight out. Our products are easy to handle and to clean, making them therefore also optimal whenever high hygiene standards are required. Read more under Easy Concept. The Silentia Screen System is the leading alternative for optimal hygiene and patient privacy.

With the purpose of being able to meet every possible care situation, our products are available in a wide range of heights, lengths, combinations and colors, as well as in various flexible designs. For example, depending on the circumstances, you can choose between fixed and folded screens, wall mounted or mobile.

To meet your and your patients’ needs, as well as new technical challenges, we continuously strive at improving our products and to find better solutions. Our latest newcomer within the system is the Shower Screen. Thanks to its water resistant surface, a frosted Daylight color, low height and folding in and out for easy usage, makes it an ideal shower screen that provides patient privacy while keeping you dry when assisting. Read more under Shower Screens.

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