Engage with PhotoPanels™

It’s more than a picture, images engage the mind.

Silentia’s PhotoPanels™ help create not only privacy, but also peace of mind and a comfortable feel. Studies show, that images and colors can have a positive influence on people by lowering their blood pressure, stimulating positive thoughts and relieving stress, pain and anxiety. This knowledge is ideal to explore in elder care, hospitals and other healthcare settings.

Relaxing, Remembering, Protecting
PhotoPanels™ has been developed as a professional helping tool to stimulate people in different situations by creating peace and calm, security and protection or memories of recognizable places. They offer at the same time optimal hygiene and privacy without feeling closed in.

Apply your logotype and colors, or messages
Show your visual identity on your folding screens and make people familiar with your brand. When using your logo consistently, it becomes a strong, recognizable and trustworthy symbol of your institution and employees. Silentia helps you apply your logotype, symbol, patterns and color profiles for a uniform and professional look in healthcare rooms. You can also choose guidance texts or short messages on the screens for guidance or important messages.

Ordering and technical specifications
Choose the images you are interested in and send a message to us. We will contact you for further consultation.


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  • A tool for caregivers to stimulate and create a calm atmosphere
    PhotoPanels™ help create a comforting and stimulating environment. They provide peace of mind and a comfortable feel. Caregivers are important for people’s well-being, but when they are not nearby, PhotoPanels™, are always close by to support. Photo­Panels™ are designed to create a recognizable, calm and peaceful space. The colors and atmosphere of an image can have beneficial and stress-reducing effect. Images with clarity, vivid colors, depth, contrasts and a simple motif are best suited. Especially at care homes this is important for people with less vision and perception. PhotoPanels™ are also suitable to give a space with peace of mind for people with dementia in small groups or by themselves.

  • An image opens doors into the memory, recalls feelings – and needs no words
    People with dementia can have difficulties expressing themselves with words. So, communication starts by getting their interest. An effective way of doing this, is using pictures. Images are better than words to evoke memories. An image is processed faster in the brain than other sensory input. Caregivers can use images to open for words, feelings, conversation or even remembrance of something other than what is actually in the picture. Images can lead thoughts and conversations in many directions. PhotoPanels™ is a way to connect with feelings and interests in the viewers’ own way. Either with words or not. Some may just want to look and explore for a long time with a silent, focused interest. A picture doesn’t have to be explained with words.

  • A tool to create privacy, shielding and a feeling of well-being
    In a hospital, some patients are more vulnerable than others when it comes to privacy and peace. PhotoPanels™ can be used immediately to create a safe and positive personal space with a peaceful image that tones down hospital equipment and distractions. At care homes PhotoPanels™ help keep the surroundings predictable and recognizable for people with dementia. Being shielded by PhotoPanels™ with a peaceful image has a calming effect. It provides a positive distraction from sounds, noises and other impressions. Caregivers can also use PhotoPanels™ to disguise doors and exits, so residents are distracted from instinctively leaving the area because they can’t see the door.

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