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A picture is worth a thousand words and could even have a healing impact. Silentia’s StoryPanels™ offer a new way to give children a playful and positive atmosphere in the healthcare sector by creating a positive distraction.

A child in a hospital is far from home and among unfamiliar faces. But then a nurse starts talking about the colorful picture with planets and funny figures. The child starts using its fantasy and imagination. Changing focus to something new and positive.

Art has a stress-reducing effect by allowing patients to think about something other than their condition. StoryPanels™ takes Silentia’s folding screens to a new level by its combination of creating both privacy and a more positive atmosphere. A powerful tool for the healthcare sector to comfort children.

Design that stimulates the imagination
lookdesign_stefanie_schoeffmann“Each detail in the design is based on research and experience. The colors, shapes and funny figures all have a purpose in order to give a positive psychological effect, a calm feeling and to stimulate the imagination,” says Stefanie Schöffmann, Austrian designer who has developed the StoryPanels’ design for Silentia. The result is a playful and inspiring design which helps care­givers to make children feel more comfortable.

Stefanie Schöffmann • Designer, CEO look! design.

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Find height and number of panels that fits your Silentia Screen solution *

story_panels_3The table shows our standard sizes in 0.5 m length increments. Screens are also available in increments of 0.25 m if the total length is between 0.75 m and 3.75 m. The standard heights – 1.45 m, 1.65 m and 1.85 m – can be lowered by – 0.1 m by determining the height of the legs of the wheels. The height is decided when you order your Silentia Folding Screen. Note: The longest screens (12–15 sections) are intended for use in an L-shape around the bed.
Important: With a X in the end of the Art No. the screen is combined with laminate panels according to Daylight Duo (DD) configuration and X represents the color symbol for laminate White, Ocean, Forest, Savannah, Tropical, Birch, Lime, Mandarin or Daylight.

1) Available only as Daylight Duo, see page 7 in the brochure.

* Ask Silentia or your local distributor for advice