Folding Privacy Screens/Room Divider for Dialysis

By using a Silentia Folding Screen in a Dialysis Unit, the screen can instantly be disinfected when needed.

Things to consider when equipping the Dialysis Unit with The Silentia Screen System.

  • Lower screens give you a better overview to monitor patients and allows easy communication between staff members.
  • If you have medical wall rails, the use of Clamps for screen mounting makes room for a flexible solution and provides more space.
  • Installing Screens to a Floor Pole or a Trolley gives you the flexibility you need when the Dialysis Unit is equipped with ceiling pendants.
  • The Silentia Screen System is independent of any track system attached to the ceiling or floor. This provides you with a flexibility that makes it easy to move when more space is required.
  • The use of Mobile Bed End Screens is an alternative solution in the Dialysis Unit instead of equipping the unit with many long screens.
  • Spacers between wall and Privacy Screens are a good way to give room for tubes and electrical wiring.

See images above for more information.