Folding Privacy Screens/Room Divider for Intensive Care

Space is a common challenge everyone faces at a hospital, and especially in the ICU. By using The Silentia Screen System’s Floor Mounting, a passage way behind the hospital bed can be created if you need to utilize the working space.

You can consider these advantages and solutions when equipping an Intensive Care Unit with The Silentia Screen System.

  • A Lower Screen makes it easier to monitor patients and for staff members to communicate with each other.
  • If you have medical wall rails, the use of Clamps for screen mounting makes room for a more flexible solution and provides more space.
  • Installing Screens to a Floor Pole, or a Trolley gives you the flexibility you need when the ICU is equipped with ceiling pendants.
  • The Silentia Screen System is independent of any track system attached to the ceiling or floor. This provides you with a flexibility that makes it easy to move when more space is required.
  • The use of Mobile Bed End Screens is an alternative solution in the ICU instead of equipping the ward with many long screens.
  • Spacers between the wall and Privacy Screens are a good way to give room for tubes and electrical wiring.

See the images above for more information.