Ege­bjerg Care Home, Denmark

Images come before words. For people with dementia, PhotoPanels™ are a positive tool.

People with dementia often have difficulty expressing themselves with words. This is why the visual aspect is key. Images come before words and are processed faster in the brain than other sensory input.

PhotoPanels™ can be used specifically to create peace of mind and a positive distraction for people with dementia.

Care home staff can use PhotoPanels™ to help residents with dementia:

“The screens have been purchased specifically to create small, flexible areas, to divide a room in two or to shorten the length of a corridor. If any residents feel overwhelmed by the distractions that come with dining together, we can easily bring out a screen and create an area of peace around them. The screens are easy to use and are beautiful to look at. We are very happy to have them,” says Charlotte Winsløw Ashi, ward nurse at Ege­bjerg Care Home dementia unit in Denmark.

People with dementia have difficulty per­ceiving space and their surroundings. For instance, if they see a door, they may instinctively think of going through it. Egebjerg Care Home uses PhotoPanels™ to disguise exits, so residents are distracted from leaving the floor.

“The exciting thing about the screens is that they can support us professionally and be used for many different situations every day”
Charlotte Winsløw Ashi, ward nurse.

Sounds, noises and many impressions can make people with dementia feel insecure. But a peaceful, visual image can tone down the many distractions. Normally images are typically placed in halls, corridors and other common areas, however PhotoPanels™ brings the pictures close to people so it is easy to see and enjoy.

“We know that views or images of nature alleviate anxiety and pain. The folding screens from Silentia allow us to shield residents and use the images to create peace and relaxation. If we calm the brain, we can prevent stress hormones,” says Birgitte Tjørnelund, teaching in dementia and neuro­pedagogy, Southern Social and Health Care College in Denmark. The college’s two sensory rooms for educational use are equipped with sensory lights, sound and PhotoPanels™ from Silentia.


Use a picture to connect and engage

Pictures that create calm and peace of mind. For the well-being of people with dementia.

Protecting: For immediate screening, if a resident needs to be shielded against too many impulses and sensations from surroundings. To act as a shield in front of a door or elevator, so a resident with dementia will be distracted from using the exit.

Relaxing: For variety, so that people with dementia get both stimulation in common areas and peace of mind in small groups or alone.

Remembering: To help stimulate memories and open up for a conversation.

PhotoPanels™ have hygienic surfaces that can cope with the cleaning agents used in care environments. The DayLight screen brings life and depth to the image when daylight shines through.

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