Mobile end screens

Simple handling and effective screening

Silentia end screens are available in two models.

Silentia’s end screens are mobile screens with a design and functionality that is clearly shared with the rest of the Silentia screen system. They are simple to use and simple to clean. They are easy to move wherever screening is needed, and they provide effective privacy for the patient. They can be used at the ends of beds, across doorways or around changing areas.

End screens are available in two different models. The first is made up of three sections and is 1.5 m wide when extended. The sections are joined by a patented solution that ensures they re­main in the position where they are placed. The second model is made up of a larger number of shorter sections, has spring-loaded lockable wheels at each end and is 2 m wide when extended. Both models measure 0.5 m wide when folded and are available in a height of 1.55 m or 1.85 m.

The wheeled base has a patented design that ensures good stability despite the small outer dimensions. The cut-out section at the front maximises the working space. The screens are available in a choice of colours. One new feature since the first quarter of 2012 is that end screens are also available in Daylight, a matt/frosted finish that lets through daylight.

The Silentia screen system is flexible and offers a multitude of possibilities.

» Article from the Danish trade magazine Hospital Drift & Teknologi No. 1 February 2012. 

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